Полиглотики™ в Троицке. А вот и мы!

Hello! My name is Todd. I am from Sydney, Australia. I am fond of sports, especially football, cricket (similar to Russian Lapta) and martial arts. I am certified English Teacher and I completed my Teaching English as a Second Overseas Language (TESOL) course.
I am excited to develop my English teaching skills here at Poliglotiki, improve Russian children’s English levels in a fun and interesting way, so that they can communicate freely in English, and of course to learn all about Russian tradition and culture.
Welcome to our lessons and see how easy it can be!

My name is Sampson. I speak very fluent and clear British English since that is the native language for my country. I am also a very humble and respectful young man whose passion and desire for children is very high.
I have a very strong interest in achieving organizational goals and objectives. Due to my passion, love and desire for children, i have been on the teaching field in my country for a couple of years. I have taught at the Elementry level, Basic level and the Junior high school level respectively in Ghana. I love to be with children, play with them and as well impact knowledge to them through varoius forms of activities. With my experience, working in both the elementary level and high school levels as well as activities outside of the traditional classroom, Currently in Moscow, I am studying as well as teaching intensively and effectively at Poliglotiki kids language center and some group people in my church who are at the pre intermediate, intermediate and advance level in speaking fluent English.
I am very happy to see you in our Center!

Hello! My name is Dolly. I have worked with different children from different backgrounds. I have over eight years experience teaching children. I have a university degree in Linguistics and Literature (English and Akan Languages) from the University of Science and Technology in Ghana, I am currently enrolled in the University of Science and Technology, MISIS in Moscow where I study Communication and International Public Relations.

I honestly believe that teaching children is the best work in the world. Their intelligence and their curiosity about the world amaze me. I feel privileged to be part of building their world.

Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Долли. Я работала с с детьми разных возрастов и разной судьбой. Мой опыт работы с детьми – более 8 лет. У меня есть Высшее образование в области лингвистики и литературы (Университет Науки и Технологий в р. Гана), в данный момент я являюсь студентом Национального исследовательского технологического университета.

Больше всего я верю что учить детей – это лучшая работа в мире! Их любознательность восхищает меня. Я горжусь, что могу помочь детям в познании этого мира.

Hello! My name is Nick, I have graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University. For four years I worked as a tutor, working primarily with school-age children. I had one goal, when I decided to become a teacher – to become a teacher, what I most missed in school. I am sure that children need a leader, a friend who will help them to understand all the complexities of the English language. I am convinced that Poliglotiki kids language center is the place where communication between children and teachers is rising to a new level.
I believe that our communication and training will be long and fruitful!

Bonjour a toutes et a tous!
Je m’appelle Anastasiia.
J’ai 28 ans. J’ai le diplome pedagogique:Professeur de la langue francaise et anglaise.
Pourquoi j’ai choisi ce travail, le travail avec les enfants?
L’enfants, ils sont notre avenir.
J’aime bien les enfants.
J’enseigne le Francais aux enfants de 3 a 16 ( et plus) ans par la methode communicative du centre Poliglotiki.
Je respecte leur diversite, je suis attentive a leurs difficultes.
Leurs resultats sont mes resultats.

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